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Members code of conduct

Members charter

Nottingham Squash Club is a members club. It’s owned by the members and run for the members. Which means as a member, you now own it and are also responsible for it. (In a good way)


We want to run the best squash club in the land, but that will only happen if we all think, act and behave like we’re running the best squash club in the land.

We rely on volunteers to operate our club, those volunteers are your fellow members so it’s important that we help them and ourselves out by taking real pride in our club.

Our Guidelines and code of conduct

These guidelines are all just common sense, but we expect all of our member’s to abide by these simple rules:

  1. Keeping the club tidy. Use the bins provided and return any used crockery and glasses to the bar area. Food wrappers belong in the bins - not at the back of the courts.

  2. Your kit bag belongs either in the changing room on the racks or in the bag cupboard. They do not belong in the bar or behind the courts (unless you are playing). Please do take your valuables with you, we can’t accept responsibility for any lost or stolen items. If you see something suspicious, please let a committee member or responsible person on duty know.

  3. We have a high standard of hygiene, and we have a blood policy. Please don’t shave in the sauna or showers. Your naked bodies should not adorn the sauna / steam room. And just in case you imagined we would, we don’t have mixed facilities! Please also do not take glasses into the changing rooms.

  4. After playing squash or using the gym, please don’t park your sweaty body on our upholstery. You do smell; it will smell. It’s not at all pleasant.

  5. We all use mobile phones – but they are not appropriate in the changing rooms.

  6. Do not let anyone into the club unless you know them, or they can show you some evidence of their membership.

  7. All visitors must sign the visitors book which is behind the bar. And, where appropriate, pay the playing fee.

  8. Please leave your expletives and potty mouth at the door. Poor sportsmanship, racket abuse, offensive gestures and foul language have no place in our club.

  9. It is wholly unacceptable to make offensive comments, or comments which are offensive, about an opponent, match officials, coaches, or spectators based on race, sex, sexual orientation, gender, or disability. Breach of this will result in disciplinary action, ultimately the removal of membership.

  10. Everyone must conduct themselves at all times in a correct and proper manner – that does not bring themselves or the club into disrepute. Your opponents and fellow members should always be treated with due respect - on and off court.

  11. We welcome and encourage children in the club, but they must not be left unattended and must not be permitted to run around the club, unless they are on a court!

  12. Please only use the car park when in the club and park responsibly. You should not leave your car parked overnight, we accept no responsibility for any damage, theft, or loss – at any time.

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