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Strength & Conditioning Studio

Cardio gym

Free digital induction

1:1 personal training

1:2 shared personal training

Personalised  programmes 

We have a fully equipped cardio gym with treadmills, bikes and cross trainers plus a range of resistance machines. We also have free weights including Olympic bar bells, dumb bells and kettle bells in wide range of weights.

What we've got

We're here for everyone, whatever your age and experience in the gym. If  you just want to stay in shape, shift a few extra pounds or build strength and flexibility we can help you achieve your goals

Who we're for
What's the main thing you want to achieve from your fitness programme?


Every fitness journey has to start somewhere. With us that's an initial consultation which will help us understand what you want to achieve, what you've done in the past and where you might need help and support to get where you want. 

Life is busy for all of us, but with the right programme, support, accountability and dietary advice you can achieve remarkable results. Maybe even more than you think! 

Proven results

If you need help getting started or want a detailed plan to help you maximise your fitness journey then our personal training team, led by Dan Whittaker can create a personalised plan to turn your goals into reality.

Personal Training

Meet our personal trainer

Dan Whittaker

Personal Trainer

Dan is more than just a personal trainer, he's a life changer. Whether you're a gym newbie or a professional athlete, with his expertise, drive and dedication you can achieve things you've only ever dreamed of


  • I'm at the club most days now, between playing squash, training in the gym, bringing my kids to coaching or just co-working in the bar i'm here literally as much as i'm at home!

  • I feel like I owe the club alot. I've met people who have helped me out with all sorts of things, I've made lifelong friends and we always have great fun on court and in the bar!